Floramex Trading L.L.C is the overall Plant care specialist for commercial and private business (es). Apart from bringing life and beauty to every office and establishment, Floramex completely enhance the overall appearance and make every given place more appealing, instantly inviting and visually attractive. Our live and natural plants ,along with our elegant and well crafted posts create a smoothing ambiance and healthy environment by eliminating pollutants and purifying air.


With over 31 years experience in the field of interior and exterior plant care , plus extensive knowledge in horticulture, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a reliable, professional , quality product and services in a very reasonable and competitive price.

Floramex Trading LLC caters the varying needs and increasing demand of Plants & Pots in the Middle East, Saudhi Arabia and entire United Arab Emirates (UAE) from design, installation, and maintenance to refurbishment of plants in various hotel, hospital, showroom, private villa, bank and offices.

Our Greenhouse

We have one green house dedicated to our home- grown house plants, including large variety of house plants come in all sizes and include Sheffleras, ferns, ficus, trees, large hanging photos and philidendrons. Our expert staffs constantly have their eyes open for new and exciting varieties.

Plant Maintenance

We visit our premises on a regular basis to maintain your plant displays so that they remain as visually appealing as the day they were installed. Whether you decide to hire or purchase plants , we undertake their proper maintenance as part of an agreed contract


As an experienced specialist in indoor landscaping FLORAMEX provides the complete service package from installation and maintenance to the refurbishment of plants. We ensure high quality throughout plant to Paperwork.

Due to our nationwide network FLORAMEX is highly qualified to serve also the individual requirements of chain store companies.

With a centralized organization from the submission of the proposal to final invoicing we essentially reduce the client's administrative expense.

Office Plants Displays

Each office is individual and has its own plant needs. We therefore provide a free cinsultaion service. In every case we devise and design the most appropriate scheme for the location and budget. All plants used are to the highest standard and are specially chosen to ensure they will thrive in the planned location.

Awards & Certificates